Why Stacey Dash Calling Maxine Waters A “Corrupt Buffoon” Is Ironic & Defaming

Stacey Dash took to twitter to defame Congress Woman Maxine Waters. After a powerful speech during BET’s Black Girls Rock 2017 premiere, Maxine Waters was revered for her words. Apparently Stacey Dash thought otherwise. TheBLACKMedia promotes positivity in our community, but we can’t let everything we do get swept under the rug.

A beautiful woman, and once one of the most liked faces in Hollywood among Black viewers, Stacey Dash continues to spew ugliness. Dash wrote on twitter in response to the uplifting speech Maxine Waters gave; “This is how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes:”. An unwarranted defamatory slight, Dash may be in trouble.

Even though Black Twitter already handled the issue, calling a congress woman a; “corrupt media buffoon” can lead to legal issues for Dash. According to the legal system; Defamation — or defamation of character — is a wrongful act where someone makes a false statement of fact that injures the reputation of another. Considering the shocking influence Dash has over many, and many who retweeted her statement, Queen Maxine may have a case.

Ironically, Stacey calling Maxine a corrupt media buffoon may have been the exact same words thousands have stated against Stacey. Im not saying it’s the pot calling the kettle black, but I’m not saying it’s not. Remember Stacey was under fire for her disdain against most things Black improving, politics, and democratic, and we can’t forget this.

Maxine has yet to respond, but if she does, we will update you #SOULdiers. Stacey Dash’s comments were rude, disrespectful and off base. Maxine Waters is a trooper for the Black community.


Stacey Dash says it was an intern not her…

Black Twitter Responds:

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