Why Tami Roman Bonnet Chronicles Needs To Be On TV & It May Be Coming Soon

Actress Tami Roman created a character (Petty Betty) and a series (Bonnet Chronicles) that is so real, and so funny, millions have tuned in. The popularity of Bonnet Chronicles took off via Instagram so much so Tami created a separate page just for the series OfficialBonnetChronicles, which has over 1 million followers.

The character Petty Betty is a spit fire, chain smoking, shit talking, pundit that follows hot topics and offers real, but hilarious opinions. With a lack for comedy, this actress has added another level of stardom to her roster and it should be on TV!

With television integrating diversity, there is a lack of Black female comedies. Considering Tami’s acting ability, history, popularity, and series, Bonnet Chronicles or at least the character Petty Betty, can absolutely be made into a sitcom with huge success. There have been too many shows without followings before hand that’ve made it to television, why not this one with a huge following already? Make cents to me…get it?

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Director and Actress Tasha Smith said she has plans for Petty Betty and Bonnet Chronicles. Being the powerhouse star that she is, if Tasha Smith says it, Tasha Smith gets it done, so it may just be coming to a tv near you soon enough.

Bonnet Chronicles: Tami Roman as Petty Betty

In Case You Thought Tami Was Just A Reality Star…Here Are Some Credits.Tami Has Appeared As An Actress on TV for over 20 years before becoming a reality star: Married With Children, The Parkers, The Steve Harvey Show, The Drew Carey Show, One On One, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch to name a few…

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