#PrayForHouston Several Ways You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Even We Donated!

Recently Houston Texas suffered major damage from Hurricane Harvey. Even though the hurricane has passed, major rain is still occurring and thousands are suffering from extreme flooding. Over 2000 calls have been made for rescue, and a state of emergency has been declared.

People are stranded, stuck at the tops of roofs, and there’s been one reported death. In times of need everyone wants help, so instead of simply posting about it, this time around, i’ll donate as well and encourage you to do the same. Even though i’ve donated before, I find donating more often is the way TheBLACKMedia should go, and here’s how you can help too.

Donate For Hurricane Harvey Victims:

Simply visit: BEYGOOD a charity formed by Houston Texas own, Beyonce.

Or visit Red Cross, Follow the instructions and donate as much as you can. I, Tahir Register owner of The BLACK Media, LLC even donated what I could, $10! Every little bit counts. Red Cross is responsible for donating time, helping hands, blood, money, and disaster relief. So, donating what you can to them helps someone in Houston Texas make it through the storm.

And while many disagree with donating to Red Cross due to their past, and present non-disclousure of where the money is being allocated, Red Cross is NOT a bad organization, they do work, I know some personally, and it’s okay to donate money. Understand that when you donate to most organizations including Red Cross, your donations will be used for several things to better assist in times of need. Most organizations use the money to travel to the place of need, food, water, clothing, etc. With Red Cross the allocation of money depends on need, that’s not a bad thing, however, if you specifically want to ensure your donation is used for Harvey victims see below.

Other Ways To Help: Via Huffington Post

Provide Housing: Airbnb has launched a portal so that the people who have been displaced by the hurricane can find a place to stay. It’s also waiving fees for people affected by the disaster. More details are available on the Airbnb website here.

Provide Blood: Blood centers expect a supply shortage because of the closure of some blood banks along the coast and the likely demand stemming from injuries sustained in the storm. Centers have put out calls for extra donors to help deal with the aftermath.

You can find donation centers or blood drives for the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center here or for Texas organization Carter BloodCare here.

And even if you’re not in Texas, you can search online for blood drives local to you or book an appointment via the Red Cross website.

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