TVONE’s “Bobbi Kristina Movie” Official Trailer A Powerful Look Into Bobbi’s Life

TV ONE released the official trailer for the “Bobbi Kristina Movie” which will premiere on the channel October 8th 2017. A gripping story, the life of Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Queen Whitney Houston, TV ONE tackles the essence of Bobbi. With the rise and downfall of Black Biopics, it seems like TV ONE got it right with casting Demetria McKinney as Whitney, Hassan Johnson as Bobby, and Joy Rovaris as Bobbi Kristina.

From the looks of the trailer, this film is going to pull at our heart strings. The acting appears to be of quality, and the visuals will make you believe these are the real people! Great casting on TV ONE’s end, and now we just have to wait to see the story unfold, however, I’m interested enough to watch, aren’t you?

TV ONE: Bobbi Kristian Movie Trailer

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