How Raven Symone’s Father Christopher B. Pearman Is Inspiring Good Health Over 50

Christopher B. Pearman
Christopher B. Pearman 2014 – Facebook

Author, and father of Raven-Symoné, Christopher B. Pearman is an inspiration. A force behind the success of his daughters career, he and his wife help raise a super-star. Unaware of his eating habits, and the kinds of foods he was consuming, Christopher was diagnosed with Diabetes.


After the diagnosis the “Dream So Big” author decided to change his life. At 56 years young Christopher is on a mission to inspire those, no matter what age, but specifically around his age group to change their lifestyles to prevent disease. With hundreds of likes and comments, Christopher is gathering and inspiring change!

Christopher B. Pearman took to Facebook in 2014 with this message;

“What I’m doing with taking my shirt off at my age, God help us all, is not for vain purposes, but to simply be an example that anything is possible. I am 53 years young and was devastated by the diagnosis of Diabetes Type 2! I became determined to defeat that illusion! I am winning that battle.”

Three years later, Christopher inspires again through Facebook this time with a before and after picture detailing his changes:

Christopher B. Pearman

“Four years ago I was a complete mess in terms of my health! I looked like a black Sponge Bob Square Pants😳 So embarrassing! I then was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes…Recently, I completly changed my diet and became more determined to just defeat and eradicate this disease from my reality completely…… I will achieve my goal of becoming disease free. Keep your fingers crossed my friends! Success is around the corner! Diet and exercise is going to save my life! Please understand, “I BELIEVE!” [truncated] – Christopher B. Pearman read full message here.

After watching “What The Health” and seeing Christopher on his public journey, I encourage anyone reading to change your lifestyle. Walk more, have more fun, watch what you eat, and inspire others to do the same. Even over 50 you can achieve such goals, don’t let doubt knock you out!

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