How Issa Rae’s Hilarious Black “90210” Pitch Could Actually Happen A Must See

Issa Rae

Recently The New Yorker released a video of Issa Rae slating a hilarious comedy pitch “think 90210 or Gossip Girl for Black Kids”. Within hours the video surfaced around social media, and within days millions saw what could be an pretty dope concept brought to life. A long over due show featuring Black teens being Black and affluent. It exists guys.

A BLACK 90210

With the success of HBO’s INSECURE Issa Rae is at the tip of Hollywood’s finger. We’ve seen Issa star in Jay-Z’s Friends spoof, and Issa will be making her film debut in; “The Hate U Give” proving the need for her is grand. If the support continues, this hilarious pitch could actually be greenlit. Supporters, actors, producers and more have been saying, where do I sign up!?

Issa Rae 90210 Pitch:

With the way Hollywood is reacting to seeing more diversity, the success of films starring Black actors, and Shonda Rhimes smashing ratings, a show like this could work. Black Women in particular are killing the game right now and Issa Rae adds to that. Issa Possibility:

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