Fentanyl Drug Overdose Deaths Killing At A Faster Rate Than HIV A Must Read:


The 2016 reports are in and Fentanyl (fast acting narcotics) drug overdose deaths are higher than 2015, and has grown over 500% in three years. This is an epidemic! According to the CDC about 64,000 people died from drug overdose in 2016. As the leading cause of death for Americans under 50, this synthetic drug usage is growing.

64,000 Dead From Drug Overdose

With fentanyl deaths doubling from 2015 added with cocaine and methamphetamine, deaths by drug overdose is killing Americans faster than HIV: In the United States, 6,721 people died from HIV and AIDS in 2014. Considering the rise in technology and its connections with depression, doctors, psychologist and therapist have seen a rise in clients. Depression, and stress; two major causes for drug usage rears its ugly heads in the death toll.

The New York Times Fentanyl reports;

“Deaths involving prescription opioids continue to rise, but many of those deaths also involved heroin, fentanyl or a fentanyl analogue. There is a downward trend in deaths from prescription opioids alone. At the same time, there has been a resurgence in cocaine and methamphetamine deaths. Many of these also involve opioids, but a significant portion of drug deaths — roughly one-third in 2015 — do not.”

While many of us believe this epidemic to largely influence only affluent whites, reports show major cities in Georgia, Maryland, and Florida to’ve grown. With the rise of weed, the popularity of it and the propaganda behind it rising, influencing people of colour to smoke more because it’s safe, the gateway kicks in. Weed, a gateway drug that if used too often will make your body used to its affects, creating a want for a higher feeling.

With fentanyl drugs so readily available, i’d say, just say no to drugs. All drugs! Catch Remy Ma November 2017 just months after writing this article share her views on pill piping and drug usage today. Often in rap music we hear propaganda, things like; popping pills, drinking, getting high, doing drugs, as a positive, fun thing, when in reality it’s not. Many rappers defend their logic, but Remy Ma is above the fold and expressing the reality of what happens when we wait too long to say, dont do drugs.

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