Cartoon Network’s First Black Powerpuff Girl Voiced By Toya Delazy Watch:

Black Powerpuff Girl

Cartoon Network has been secretive about their new Powerpuff Girl addition. Hinting a newcomer, no one had no idea she would be Black! After a Russian reel came out on Youtube, all was revealed. Toya Delazy an Afrikan UK artist confirmed she will be the voice of the newest Powerpuff Girl on Cartoon Network.


September 17th 2017 at 5:30pm (est) Cartoon Network viewers will witness the first ever Black Powerpuff girl, which is important to see in a cartoon that influences millions. Even though this isn’t the first addition to the trio, it’s the first Afrikan addition, and hopefully this will last longer than Bunny did. No word yet on the name, but watch the premier and let us know.

Turner Broadcasting States;

“Toya is definitely a perfect fit as the fourth Powerpuff Girl. She is confident, bubbly and quirky, all the values that we are familiar with, love and appreciate. We have a lot of surprises up our sleeves.”


Toya Delazy took to Twitter to confirm;

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