Chewing Gum Star Michaela Coel Leads Major Netflix Musical “Been So Long”

Michaela Coel

Michaela Coel star of Netflix’s “Chewing Gum”; a comedy about an awkward virgin woman dealing with life’s spoils, scores a major musical role. Being from the UK cross over appeal in the United States is difficult, but this hilarious Queen got our attention with her melanin richness, and pure talent. Not knowing much about her in her breakout role, leading a musical presents another talent for the UK actress, singing.


Michaela Coel is in fact, a singer! A shock to many, Michaela is a poet, and singer, and a damn good one at that. Scoring the biggest UK Netflix deals in history, Michaela is climbing the ladder and showing us that you can do it, even if you’re look, sound, and standards aren’t popular, but low key are.

The Netflix musical “Been So Long” is about a single mother (Michaela) in a modern day romance co-starring Arinzé Kene. The musical will be a first for Netflix made available worldwide. No word on the date yet, but the film is already in post-production. And with a budget over 100 million dollars, it’s sure to be a beautiful masterpiece.

Michaela Coel Singing:

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