An Honest Shameless Maya Rihanna Fenty Beauty Unfiltered Review Likes & Dislikes

Rihanna Fenty Beauty

Youtube guru Shameless Maya Washington took to her channel to deliver an honest, unpaid for, unfiltered review of Rihanna Fenty Beauty products. It’s not easy being a fan of someone and speaking the truth about their work, or products, but Shameless Maya is sticking to her brand, and being shame-less.


Rihanna Fenty Beauty is a mile stone for the singer-actress as there are very few women of colour in the beauty business. Being a caribbean woman, there are even fewer in beauty, but Rihanna delivered great products that are geared towards all faces.

Maya’s Rihanna Fenty Beauty Favs:

During the review Shameless Maya noted her favorites, and her “can do withouts”. In the review Maya demonstrates how each product performs. Maya’s favorites: Match Sticks Trio; (Rum), Caramel concealer, Killawatts; Trophy Wife, Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule, and the Invisimate Blotting Powder.

Maya’s Rihanna Fenty Beauty Do Withouts:

While Maya loved all products, there were some she could do with out: Full Body Foundation Brush, Contour Brush, Highlight brush, Gloss Bomb, and the Pro Filt’r Foundations.

As a viewer and photographer while Maya placed the products on her face, there were some concerns, however from what I can see the finished product was amazing! Rihanna being from the Caribbean, the makeup line will give you a very glossy, matte, but dewy sun bathed look. With beautiful packaging, good prices, and quality product, it’s a win, win. Unlike most products where using them is an absolute “NO” these products will depend on your style.

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