Chance The Rapper Announces The Twilight Awards Honoring Educators Parents & More

Twilight Awards

Philanthropist Chance The Rapper announced, in Chicago, at the SocialWorks Summit that an awards show is headed for Chicago, the Twilight Awards. This awards show will honor educators, parents, students, and principals who display leadership. A leader himself, Chance raised over 2 million dollars, which he plans to give back to over 20 schools in his hometown, Chicago.


A young leader, Chance is only 24 years old and has already dedicated his life to giving. An amazing feature for the young rapper, a feat that many around him older, and wealthier could learn from. Chance announced actor and late night host James Corden would host the Twilight Awards which will take place June 2018.

Such a simple gesture, I believe each city in Amerikkka can learn from this. Why there aren’t awards events for all cities for the hardest working under-appricated people in the world? I have no idea, but hopefully this sparks inspiration. A thank you goes a long way, maybe not as extravagant with special performers and British hosts, but something.

Chance The Rapper Twilight Awards Announcement: 17:30

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