An 8 Year Old Boy Of Colour Hung By A Group Of White Teens In Claremont NH


Only 8 years old, this bi-racial young boy was lynched by a group of white teens in Claremont NH. After being taunted, a 14 year old white boy grabbed a rope that hung a tire, put it around the young Black boys neck and pushed him off a picnic table. After being strangled for a bit, no one helped until he was loose.

The Claremont NH Lynching

A racially motivated taunt, the police of Claremont NH is refusing to release pertinent information about this young boys lynching. The mother, Cassandra, took to Facebook to air out her grievances. In 2017 this should not be happening, especially amongst boys, where’d they learn it from?

Mother’s Response To Son Being Hung

“So my son is being flown to Dartmouth after a 14 year old kid decided to hang him from a tree. I don’t care if this was a so called accident or not. My son almost died because of some little sh** teenage kids.” – Cassandra

The case took place August 28th and the police chief Mark Chase won’t release information because the perps are juveniles. “These people need to be protected,” Chase said. “Mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life.” Teens hung a Black boy, when young Black boys make mistakes, they aren’t described as young children. These teens are savages. Call them what they are.

Protestors have been calling the chief giving him suggestions about the case, you can do the same: (603) 542-9538.

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  1. I can’t believe this happened. Trying to hang am 8 year old boy. I lived in Claremont New Hampshire for many years never ever seen anything like this

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