Toni Braxton Deadwood Is An Instant R&B Classic With Country Elements

Toni Braxton Deadwood

Toni Braxton released her new single “Deadwood” off her 2017 album ‘Sex And Cigarettes’, which is set to be released top of 2018. ‘Deadwood’ is an instant R&B Toni Braxton classic. The single artwork gave us a hint to the type of record, and possible music video, and when you hear the single, it all connects. Deadwood is quality music, music we’d expect from this R&B Legend.

“Think you got me good? Left me like some deadwood”.

Toni Braxton Deadwood starts off with elements of Country music with the strum of the guitar. With quality sounds, epic growth, subtle, but powerful, Deadwood is a themed record that is missing from the industry. Now-a-days artist songs are so obvious, lacking mystery, this record is mysterious. When you listen you can’t help but visualize an entire movie, records like these last through the years.

A worthy record, Deadwood is not your typical love record. In a twist of music and melody the listener goes on the journey with the artist. “You got me down, but I aint out…you think you got me good, left me like some deadwood” the lyrics lends itself to masterful story telling. The song was released 12am September 14 and after the 12th spin, this record truly amazing. A simple, but memorable record, Toni Braxton Deadwood will be a hit.

Toni Braxton Deadwood

DeadWood Lyric Quotes:

“Cant believe that I’m home all alone. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to see you. Why the hell won’t you pick up the phone? Hello? Don’t know which way is up anymore, No excuses and nothing to cling to, Boy you’re shaking me right to the core.”

“Just wanna let you know I won’t let this one go you got me down but I aint out, think you got me good left me like some deadwood I may be down but I’ll turn it round…”

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