Watch TLC’s TBoz Raw Sickle Cell Disease Story Exposing The Truth About PhRMA

TLC member T-Boz has long been an advocate for Sickle Cell Disease. In fact, the first time I ever heard about it was when the news reported she had it. After high school and college life, I learned Sickle Cell Disease largely only effects Afrikan Americans, a silent killer that is easily missed, easily found, and seldom spoken about. T-Boz spoke unfiltered and raw sharing stories about the diseases many never knew.


T-Boz new book ‘A Sick Life’ has a colloquial meaning and a literal one. Having worked with Michael Jackson and selling over 80 million records with the group TLC, T-Boz has had a sick life. Being diagnosed with Sickle Cell, being told she wouldn’t live past 30 and almost dying from it, T-Boz has had a sick life. But it was when she spoke about PhRMA that sparked my interest.

What Is PhRMA & Sickle Cell Disease?

PhRMA: The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, is a company that advocates for public policy aka Politics, as their mission. Politics encourage this company to create new medication, but they do not encourage prevention, which is what we need as a people. We do not need more medication, we need preventive methods to prevent disease and illnesses, not chemicals to further keep us sick.

Sickle Cell Disease: A blood disease typically inherited by parents who have the trait but not the disease. It’s an abnormality in the hemoglobin found in the red blood cells, which can lead to stroke, bacteria infections, a decreased immune system (which opens up many illnesses), and extreme pain in the body. A simple test can determine if you have the trait to prevent your child from getting it. See your Doctor today.

Sickle Cell Disease

The Conspiracy:

Even though T-Boz said she never talked to Lisa Left-Eye Lopes about her disease, the trip to Honduras, where Lisa died, was a trip she took for holistic healing from  Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi who died in 2016 after informing the world about his holistic methods of healing, a high alkaline diet, and other methods to rid you of disease, which PhRMA and companies are now claiming is their new “organic route”, which isn’t organic at all. Many believe he was murdered for his teachings because cures don’t make PhRMA money.

15:50 – T-Boz states the SCDAA (Sickle cell disease association of america) tried to take money she raised, and they stop research on cures for sickle cell on patients at 40 years old. Instead of finding a cure for everyone, they stop at a certain age limit. Considering Doctors tell patients with Sickle disease they will die before 30, why would they stop research at 40? Money!

We must educate our community about this disease, and hopefully T-Boz’s video will do just that.

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