Chris Rock Defends Colin Kaepernick Exposing The NFL’s Real Truth READ:

Colin Kaepernick

Chris Rock took to instagram to share his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick unjust reason for not returning to the NFL. Colin Kaepernick protested against the Amerikkka construct that allowed unarmed Black boys to be murdered with no justice. A simple take of the knee during the national anthem and the spike of a good fro sent white supremacist who own the teams into a rage.

the fact that the good teams don’t want him is the proof

Colin Kaepernick is currently a free agent and many are wondering why. Is the league keeping him out because he protested against the mistreatment of people of colour, or is he simply not good? Considering Kaepernick is a good player, stats show he’s worthy, and he has a good heart, what NFL team wouldn’t want him? Chris Rock speaks on it.

Chris Rock On Colin Kaepernick:

“It’s not the fact that not one of the bad teams that obviously needs a quarterback signed him i.e. Jets / browns / jaguars / bears .It’s not the fact that none of the teams that are good but are just a stable quarterback away from being a super bowl contender signed him Texans/ broncos/ . It’s the fact the there’s a bunch of teams that are an injured quarterback away from there whole season going up in smoke . Cowboys/ raiders / etc. the fact that the good teams don’t want him is the proof. Teams in every sport sign players all the time for the sole purpose of there competition not getting the player .

But nobody’s worried about that because they already know he’s not gonna be signed. Most athletes are decent people but there’s also a lot of bad guys that have been made worse buy getting special treatment their whole lives . I’ve met Colin a few times and I don’t think he’s one of the bad ones. Btw I understand anybody that doesn’t agree with him that’s your right I get it. But you have to admit that in the world of sports where we give actual criminals a fifteenth chance this guys shouldn’t be denied the right to ever play again.” –Chris Rock

While many of us aren’t marching and protesting for a man to play a game, the fact is, we should be allowed as people of colour equal in Amerikkka to follow our dreams regardless of our skin colour, or creed. Kaepernick shouldn’t be marginalized for defending disenfranchised people. Fact.

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