Tre Melvin’s Fenty Beauty Makeup Tutorial One Of The Funniest Woke Parodies Of 2017

Youtube star Tre Melvin created a Fenty Beauty tutorial parody and it’s one of the funniest parodies of 2017. Tre is known for creating hilarious, but woke videos that center around pop culture and politics.  In his latest hilarody (hilarious parody) Tre uses Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line to make viewers aware of it’s culture shattering reign. Rihanna releasing all shades of foundation from the darkest skin tones to the lightest literally has the industry shook, and Tre makes note of it, several times.

My Aunt Carol Can Relate…Rest In Piece &^!^U*^%$#

Even though this is just a playful video, Tre Melvin has a way of making you think harder about society and it’s lack of inclusiveness. Dressed up as his character Watermelondrea we see Tre clearly just making a comedy sketch video, but while also parodying the way beauty gurus on Youtube make their videos, it’s genius! The writing is good, the timing, the editing, and the performance, it literally made me cry from laughing so hard about his dead aunt. It’s a must see:

Tre Melvin Fenty Beauty Parody:

“…So because Fenty Beauty is the only line that gives a shit about Black Women…”

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