Janet Jackson Dancing To Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow Is The Greatest Quick Slay Of 2017

Janet Jackson, during her State of The World Tour danced to a medley of “What Have You Done For Me Lately” and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”. Known for mixing hip-hop with R&B and more specifically her concerts, Janet is giving us 2001 “All For You Tour” vibes. For over 15 years Janet has infused the latest hot hip-hop beat or record with her performances, and this was an epic one.


Janet Jackson dancing to Bodak Yellow is the greatest, quickest slay’s of 2017! If you remember Janet’s 2006 Billboard performance when she smashed an explosive performance to a Fat Man Scoop “So Excited” remix, you’d know this is Janet’s lane. Hold on to your wigs ladies and gents, Janet is pushing through with this one. That dip though!

Janet Jackson Cardi B Bodak Yellow #1 Record In The Country:

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