June’s Diary “I Know Why You Calling” New Single Was Worth The Wait Listen

The group formed by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson Junes Diary released a new single “I Know Why You Calling”. Junes Diary quickly became a fan favorite group from the success of their reality show “Chasing Destiny”. Since, the group only released one official single and music video, and a few original songs, but fans wanted more.

“I Know Why You Calling…He Like Hello, I Say What’s Up, Don’t Be Polite, Say What You Want”

Recently June’s Diary release a cover mixtape featuring some of 90s greatest male records. While the cover songs are nice, considering their mentors fans expected more from the group, especially after their single “L.A.N.C.E” was well received. Many considered this mixtape to be low brow, but it helped show the groups ability. Now that their new single, which is a sensual bop of awareness to Mens slick ways is out, fans feel like the wait was worth it.

Junes Diary “I Know Why You Calling”

They Even Released A Snippet Of “All Of Us” Coming Soon;

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