Xscape Performed “Understanding” A Smashing Preview Of The Tour To Come

Xscape stopped by the Wendy Williams show and performed “Understanding” and “Little Secret” after their interview. TheGreatXscapeTour is now on sale and the group is making their rounds. Since their return the 90s R&B group have performed live at the B.E.T Awards, and recently at the Hiphop Honors.

It’s been 18 years since the group were together, and 18 years later they still got it! The recent performances brought mixed reviews, especially for Kandi, but that’s mostly coming from people who aren’t musicians. Kandi’s tone is a lower tone, and because of her vocal style she is often mistaken for being out of key, when it’s just air flow from a lower tone. Well Kandi, Tiny, LaTocha and Tameka shut everyone up with “Understanding” live on Wendy.

Xscape “Understanding LIVE;


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