R&B Singer Sammie Is All Grown Up In His New Single “Coming Of Age”

R&B singer Sammie released his new single and music video “Coming Of Age” which is the title track to his new album. The now 30 year old singer known for his hit record “I Like It” has stepped into man hood and it’s showing in his music. Rarely do we see male R&B singers sing about love, mistakes, regrets, and growing up, but Sammie is doing it.

“My Heart Wants Peace With My Mind, I Swear It’s Tug Of War, My Past Won’t Let Me Be, But What If I Told You I Changed?”

Recently Sammie posted a video explaining his struggle and how God brought him out of it. The album “Coming Of Age” is an example of growth, and we can’t fault anyone for growing. As long as this movement and passion for goodness isn’t a gimmick to sell records, we are here for this! Vocally and musically the singer does a great job with this record, the passion is endearing!

Sammie Coming Of Age

On God Changing His Life;

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