Erykah Badu & Michael Blackson For The P*ssy/D*ck Challenge Is Hysterical

Erykah Badu Michael Blackson

Erykah Badu had time today posting a video of she and Michael Blackson participating in the latest social challenge the FTD/FTP challenge. The for the pussy/dick challenge hit the social sphere mid September and challenges users to create a rap saying what they will and will not do for the dick/pussy. A raunchy challenge, but as the culture goes, a unique, and hilarious one.

“I Aint Doing SHIT For The Dick/ Cheat On My Wife Kevin Hart For That Pussy”

Erykah being a legend in the game, and Michael being a hilarious comedian the two together actually made you laugh out loud. Erykah used her MC skills and kept it light, but she did say a few things that got you thinking; ok Erykah we see you. Of course Michael opened with a gut twisting Kevin Hart joke, and continued as he only could. Lighten up guys, not everything has to be serious.

Erykah Badu & Michael Blackson

“Baby Daddy number four for the dick. Fuck woke I’m dead for the Dick…” – Erykah

“I eat pork for that Pussy, Skip court for that pussy” – Michael

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