Rosa Parks Movie Headed For Production In 2018 Directed By Julie Dash

Rosa Parks in June 1999, when she was presented with a Congressional Gold Medal.

A Rosa Parks biopic is underway and groundbreaking film maker Julie Dash helms the film as the director. Julie Dash (Queen Sugar Director) known as the first Afrikan American woman to have her feature film (Daughters Of The Dust) released in theaters, also directed the tv movie of Parks. In 2002 The Rosa Parks Story on CBS starred Angela Bassett as Rosa, was specifically about the bus boycott. This new biopic, will be more expansive.

“…there was so much more to her…”

The film is slated to start 10 years before the bus boycott. The biopic will focus on Rosa as an activist seeking justice for the 6 white men who viscously raped Recy Taylor, 24 years old, in Alabama 1944. Seldom do we learn stories of our leaders past that extends beyond the monumental features, but this is a story that has universal themes. The film will be based on the book At the Dark End of the Streetwhich covers Black Women, Rape, and Resistance, with Parks at the helm of it all.

Julie Dash On Directing The Rosa Parks Film;

“I jumped at the opportunity to dive head first back into the Rosa Parks story,” Dash told Deadline. “Doing the CBS movie, I realized that there was so much more to her life, legacy, and her activism that we didn’t have time in one [movie]. It was fascinating and just as dramatic as the Montgomery bus boycott, which is what she’s known for, but there is so much more.”

“This is a great opportunity to revisit Jo Anne Robinson, Claudette Colvin, Recy Taylor, all the people who never really make it into The Rosa Parks Story,” Dash said. “It’s an ensemble cast of feisty activists who changed the course of history”

Production will start in 2018.

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