Saudi Arabia To Lift Ban And Allow Women To Drive A Reminder Of Sick Patriarchy

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced they will lift the ban that says Women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive or have a license. The lift will give back Women’s right to drive without lawful punishment. The photo above is of a Woman who dared to drive when the ban was in play, but was arrested because of it. Yet another example of the sick patriarchal society we exist in.

“They may be able to drive but they still can’t without a male escort”

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia tied to ultra-extreme Muslim Men have been the bane of their existence. Many women in Saudi are abused, raped, disfigured, and murdered with little to no punishment for the Men who perform these heinous acts. Living in a world where Men feel they are greater than Women, moments like these reminds you how far we’ve come.

Many Men in Amerikkka believe their Women should resemble the women in Saudi. Many claim they want a submissive Woman, meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, women are literally fighting for their life, many of whom do not wish to exist under the heel of a man, and many who believe it’s their place.

No one should be forced to do anything without choice. Taking someone’s choice away creates slaves. Women should have basic rights, they shouldn’t have to ask a Man to have them. Men are equal to Women, not above or below. Even though Women can drive, they must do so with a Man present, a victory not exactly won yet for the Women in Arabia, pray for them.

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