Sofia Vergara Launched EBY Lingerie With Charitable Benefits Empowered By You

Sofia Vergara EBY Lingerie

Sofia Vergara lanches EBY lingerie, a subscription box start-up co-founded by Renata Black, and together they’re giving 10 percent of the proceeds to the Seven Bar Foundation. This lingerie company will help Women around the world in businesses through a Microfinance loan program. Each month EBY selects a different country to assist. In October Columbia women benefited from the company’s program (see video below).

empowerment rather than one of seduction

EBY or Empowered By You offers breathable underwear for all shapes and sizes for one price. Unlike most companies who go up on price for bigger underwear, EBY remains at one for all sizes. These underwear are said to not give muffin top, scarring, and it hugs your body unlike any underwear out there. Most people shop online now-a-days, so if you subscribe, your underwear comes straight to you!

Sofia Vergara EBY In Columbia:

“EBY repositions underwear as a tool for empowerment rather than one of seduction. Ten percent of net sales go to the Seven Bar Foundation to empower women out of poverty and into business through microfinance with a small loan. It’s what we call a first break, and that can be as little as $80 or as large as $7,000. This loan enables an underprivileged woman to start or grow her business. As she becomes self-sufficient, the cycle of poverty is broken. Loans are repaid and passed to another woman, creating a multiplier effect. EBY consistently fuels this loop so that it never ends. We’re not about one-time solutions or patching up holes with pretty pink BAND-AID®s, though we love a colorful accessory. We want to consistently fuel the empowerment of women through business.” -EBY

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