Love Beats Rhymes First Look Starring Azealia Banks, Jill Scott, Common & More

Azealia Banks debut and lead film once titled Coco now titled “Love Beats Rhymes” finally gets a release date! Set to be released by Lionsgate December 1st 2017 hitting DVD January 2nd 2018. Amongst much controversy, the RZA directed film was shot in 2015, and received a released date years after it’s shooting. Rza says the delay was due to perfect timing, but the controversy surrounding Azealia Banks, RZA, and Russel Crowe didn’t help.

The film stars Jill Scott, a poetry teacher, and Common a poet and Azealia Bank’s character mentor. Azealia Banks leads the film as Coco, a rapper who while in school turns to poetry to help extend her abilities meeting love along the way. From the trailer you can tell its a coming of age story, a triumphant one, and one that millions will enjoy. Great actors, and a great story line. The first female rapper to debut in a lead role about rapping, we’ve never seen something like this before.

Azealia Banks On Love Beats Rhymes:

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