Mya Delivers Iconic Dancing In Her “Ready For Whatever” New Music Video

Mya Ready For Whatever

Iconic R&B singer Mya returns to dance in her latest single and music video “Ready For Whatever”. Under the radar, Mya released a Grammy Nominated album in 2016 called “Smoove Jones” which released the catchy tune “Team You”. Released off her own label Planet 9, “Ready For Whatever” reminds fans of the early 2000s “My Love Is Like Wo” icon we’ve come to know.

“Im not all in my feelings just telling you how I feel”

Even though the R&B singer has released albums, and singles consecutively since going independent in 2007, its been a while since we’ve seen her dance. The “Ready For Whatever” music video shows some iconic moments in dance that we loved from her. Proving she’s still got it, Mýa delivers, leaving no hip thrust un-thrusted!

Mya Ready For Whatever Music Video:

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