Being Mary Jane Ends With 2018 2-Hour Movie Gabrielle Union Responds

Being Mary Jane Canceled

BET’s flagship show, Being Mary Jane gets canceled and will not return for a season five, instead, as they began, will end with a 2-hour movie. The hit show became one of the most talked about movies on BET and became one of the most talked about TV shows. Being Mary Jane showed millions of viewers what a working Black Woman in entertainment goes through, opening our eyes to a new that we’ve never seen on TV before.

“…We, as a Being Mary Jane family, cannot wait to bring you this final 2 hour series finale movie..”

Bringing in an average of about 2.5 million viewers premiere night on BET for season one and two, Being Mary Jane was a certified must see for the network. With seasons three and four dropping in viewership with the finale of season four premier night bringing in ~800,000 viewers a cancelation was a possibility. However, instead of out right canceling the show, fans will be able to have one more go around with a 2-hour film which is said to answer all questions, and wrap up the characters perfectly! Proper endings rarely happen in television, but BET is making it happen!

Gabrielle Union took to Social Media to give her thoughts on the change and words to the fans;

“To Every Fan of Being Mary Jane,

We have all worked so tirelessly to bring you a show that we could be proud to be a part of. Mary Jane has become my favorite character. We’ve screwed up together, laughed together, evolved together, and raised hell together. I love all her imperfections, and through playing her I became more forgiving of others who are imperfect and on the journey of self discovery and improvement. We watched her struggle with relationships with both men and women, and we watched her finally start to get her shit together. But the journey isn’t over yet. We, as a Being Mary Jane family, cannot wait to bring you this final 2 hour series finale movie that will answer all your questions about each and every character. More than anything, however, we want to thank you with every fiber of our being for faithfully watching the show and supporting our work… from the actors, writers, producers, directors and enormous crew over the years, we are humbled and we remain grateful. Thank you!”

Fans have been speculating the loss of shows leading Black people. A conspiracy is brewing, but the reality is, Hollywood is not inclusive and has not changed. The myth that’s being going around is that Hollywood is becoming diverse, but its not, and hasn’t been. Take a look at the retweet above from Gabrielle Union’s twitter account. Where’s the inclusion Hollywood? Scandal is ending, which leaves how many shows with Black actors, leading or starring?

Season Four Recap:

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