Jaden Smith Umami Burger Isn’t Just Meatless It’s Charitable #HurricaneRelief

Jaden Smith Umami Burger

Jaden isn’t just co-owner of JUST Water, he’s now a food creator with charitable efforts in hurricane relief with Jaden Smith Umami Burger. Last year Jaden announced JUST Water, a boxed water that’s healthier for you to drink, and recycle, and now partnering with Umami Burger in their new celebrity series, Jaden has created what he believes is the best veggie burger you’ll ever taste.

The Impossible Trio

According to Jaden, his Umami Burger is delicious and provides many tastes for different food lovers. For meat eaters, Jaden says you’d eat the burger and not even know that you’re not eating meat. That idea alone makes me want to try it, which is a great selling point because as people are trying it, he’s donating one dollar for each sale to Hurricane Relief. Brilliant!

Jaden Smith Umami Burger:

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