Howard University Active Shooter Call To Police Leads To Temporary Lock Down

Howard University Active Shooter

Howard University Active Shooter

The beloved Historically Black College has been placed on temporary lock down, which was recently lifted after a Howard University active shooter call was placed to police. Oct. 17th the school received two anonymous calls about there being an active shooter on campus. The college quickly responded calling for a lock down and cancellation of classes. After investigation, they’ve found no threats, no shooters, and are concerned about this potential prank call.

“We will have a safe homecoming,”

Howard University active shooter call has shaken up the campus, and is calling to question, who did this. With the investigation still going on, hopefully the police can find out why this happened. The MPD says; “There are going to be some serious repercussions if we identify who was engaged with this..”. Now we’ve heard of college pranks, but an active shooter on a Black Campus? Too far. Hopefully it was just a prank, and not a pre-warning for what’s to come. Either way, Pray for comfort for those on campus who are still riled up.

Speculation around Howard’s 150th homecoming celebration are surfacing. Some believe this call was placed to stop it, and some believe the campus is hiding the truth just to have the celebration. TheBLACKMedia simply reports the truth, and we stay away from rumors, however, warnings are a great reason to buckle down on security especially during a gathering like homecoming, so precaution is needed.

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