Lady Leshurr Queen’s Speech 7 Proves Yet Again She’s In Her Own Lane

Caribbean born English rapper Lady Leshurr has done it again, this time with Queen’s Speech 7. It was her Mad Ting Queen’s Speech 3 [above] that sparked viral sharing in the US and made her widely known as; “that dope chick from the UK who be rapping in the streets”. In just two short years Lady Leshurr is world known, selling out shows, and has amassed a fan base so strong that within 20 mins of posting a new video, over 20 thousands video plays pile up! She is Queen.

“And this might sound harsh, but you aint wavy, your eye brows are”

Queen of the punch line, Lady Leshurr is in a lane of her own. Her flow is unique that if anyone dared to copy it, it’d be obvious they were ripping her off. New artist in the US, especially in rap, follow the same trends for monetization purposes, but if they found their own grove, style and shtick maybe they could be as dope as she. With only 7 Queen’ Speech’s this lyrically bossed rapper is only beginning to reign!

Quotable Lines:

"If your beard don't connect, than neither will we So please don't get no wild thoughts, cus you're not Rih Rih"

"No lie no lie no lie you know Please don't take no shots at me we need more gun control"

"So bow down dammit You're fake, bow wow challenge"

Lady Leshurr Queen’s Speech 7:

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