Keyshia Cole Performs Incapable Live With A Dope Dance Breakdown

Keyshia Cole stopped by the Wendy Williams show to perform her new single “Incapable” off her new album “11:11 Reset”. Keyshia is known for her heart filled records like “I Changed My Mind” and “I Shudda Cheated”, but rarely do we see Keyshia dance. Reinventing herself, the R&B songstress delivered a dramatic performance giving ode to the 70s and early 80s fashion with a snap dance breakdown.

“It’s Hard Cause’ They Said That If It’s True Love It Never Dies”

Armored up in her epic red fur and fedora hat, Keyshia delivered raspy vocals and dramatic flare. Keyshia Cole has a unique style and when she dances you can see, that even though she’s not a dancer, that her style of dance is so laid back, that it works. After the performance Wendy questioned why she chose to join Love and Hiphop, and Keyshia expressed she wanted to promote her album. Seems like a great place to do it, right?

Keyshia Cole Performing Incapable

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