Jill Scott Harvey Weinstein Experience “He Was Rude” About Her Pregnancy

Jill Scott Harvey Weinstein experience
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Jill Scott took to Twitter to share her unfortunate Harvey Weinstein experience after Lupita Nyong’o shared hers. Scott recalls her first and last time meeting Harvey while she was pregnant, he was rude to her. Jill Scott being a stellar actress, and Harvey once being a tv and film executive it’s not odd the two met. Working women often face patriarchal prejudice when they decide to be a Woman and carry a child. Men often feel women are lesser, but they feel it even more when they are pregnant.

“Who acts that way towards a pregnant woman??”

Jill Scott Harvey Weinstein experience is one of probably millions of experiences women face daily in the work force, more specifically entertainment industries. Women often feel embarrassed, or too proud to share experiences like these, but its important to share because the more we know, the more we can wake people up, and fight for change. It’s a silent discrimination that powerful white men in particular, but men in general use to their advantage and must be stopped. Oprah Winfrey feels that day will soon come, and we agree.

Jill Scott Harvey Weinstein Experience:

"When I met Harvey Weinstein, he was RUDE. In the NASTIEST tone he said “Who told you to get pregnant?!” And rolled his eyes in disgust.

I stayed away from him after. Who acts that way towards a pregnant woman?? Power to all the women bullied by assholes. Power in general.

What’s true is there are stories I will never tell publicly. I have my reasons and peace in those areas." - Twitter 1, 2, 3

Oprah’s Thoughts On The Harvey Weinstein Explosion:

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