Wendy Williams Collapsed Live On Her Talk Show But She’s Ok Watch

Wendy Williams frightened everyone when she collapsed on her Talk show Oct 31st 2017 during her How You Boo’n Halloween special, but she came back, and Women’ed up and says she’s alright. Fans everywhere watched shook, and fearful that her fall was dyer. Wendy says she overheated due to her costume. Being over 50 Wendy has been a trooper for Women of a particular age and makes no secret about it, but this moment has everyone thinking, could it be more then just age?

Remy Ma “Wake Me Up” Feat. Lil Kim

TheBLACKMedia is super happy Wendy is ok and is asking anyone reading to pray for yourself, pray for those in need, pray for the world, and pray for sister Wendy, our Jersey girl. It’s rare during live shows do we see moments like these, and we are sure Wendy Williams will make sure she’s a tip top shape as far as health is concerned. Being vegan, many are speculating if maybe lack of food was the issue, but knowing Wendy as a foodie, we doubt it.

Wendy Williams Explains The Faint:

Wendy Williams Collapse:

If you can handle it, here’s a video of the scary fall. She appeared delusional, and almost as if she hallucinated something scary, backed away, and collapsed. It is a hard watch so, watch at your own will. The best part? When she came back as beautiful as she was before the collapse and said she’s okay; “Im A Champ And Im Back”.

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