The Rundown With Robin Thede Full Review: B-

the Rundown with robin thede

The Chris Rock produced BET late night show The Rundown with Robin Thede is the first of it’s kind and Robin shines. Four episodes have aired to a consistent ~200k live viewers each week, and BET has created something unique. It’s not a political show, a comedy, a talk show, it’s literally a rundown of hot topics in real time and current events.

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Even though Robin Shines and the show is consistent there are a few things that give the show a B- rating from TheBLACKMedia. Considering The Rundown’s format, she’s competing with the powerhouse late night shows whose comedic timing and delivery is so sharp, it makes you want to return. Where Robin lacks in sharpness, the over all show is brilliant, with great jokes, sketches, and comedy bits, with well written monologues.


At an above average B- Robin’s late night show has room for improvement.

Stop Pandering: It appears the show panders to what BET, Robin, and the team believes will get “Black” people to be interested. Considering people of colour are universal well rounded people, the pandering, puns, and eye winks with whippy comments is overkill. Smart humor would do this show some good.

“And Remember No Matter What Colour You Are…Stay Black!”

Delivery: Robin Thede could benefit from a coach on how to deliver a 30 minute show. Most of the show seems very robotic, and a big part of that is her delivery. Or maybe Robin could benefit from not seeing a coach, maybe it’s over rehearsal that has her doing that typical leg bend/rock, hand to hand holding as if she’s doing an informercial. You see it a lot in speech and debate competitions, not fit for a tv show. I’d love to watch the show and know who Robin is, not just showing she’s able to speak well.

Audience Participation: Every comedic landing quick laugh and sudden drop seems contrived. The jokes are funny enough to garner true laughter. If audience members were encouraged to react naturally and the producers allowed Robin to control their reactions as you would in a stand up, the show would flow better.

All in all the show is great, and getting better, my suggestions are preceded by expertise in television and film. Hopefully those reading can offer their own suggestions, and for those BET executives reading, send me a message, let’s chat!

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