Lil Kim Took Us A Break New Single Is A New Vibe For The NYC Queen

lil kim took us a break

Lil Kim The Queen Bee is back with her new single “Took Us A Break”. Even though this is just a buzz track to remind those who’ve forgotten and to inspire a new, what’s clear is that Lil Kim is still the Queen Bee. A sassy, ish-talking record all bossed up and braggadocios Kim is letting us know, she’s been there and done that already.

“These bitches is class clowns…Giving y’all my old clothes, my old flows like hand-me-downs…I see y’all watching my Snap…Trying to see what else you could jack.”

Took Us A Break comes after Remy and Kim announced they’d be releasing a collaboration called “Wake Me Up”. Seems like rap is exploding in the recent weeks with Cardi B going number one, Azealia Banks releasing Chi Chi and Escapades, Nicki Minaj back on her many features, Missy Elliott releasing a major collaboration with female rappers, and of course Lil Kim’s return. It’s beautiful!

Lil Kim Took Us A Break:

Lil Kim is known for her uniqueness, but the rapper chose to use techniques and rhythms often found in popular rap music in her latest record. While the record is dope, her core fans aren’t as pleased with the usage of vocal effects, cadence change, and flow. Even though it’s just a buzz single, fans are concerned about her album, though they shouldn’t be. Lil Kim always delivers.

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