Remy Ma’s Miscarriage Inspires A Brilliant Fertility Fund Idea To Help Women In Need

Remy Ma recently released her new single “Wake Me Up” featuring Lil Kim. During an interview with Sway in The Morning debuting the single in New York, Remy Ma’s miscarriage came up, which she revealed earlier this year via Instagram, which since has been moved. After promising husband, ex-manager, and rapper Papoose a child, Remy got pregnant, and unfortunately lost her baby. During the interview Remy shares her experience and her shame.

“I was embarrassed, I was ashamed, I felt all these different emotions”

Remy Ma’s miscarriage has her on a mission; “I started finding out like different ways that you can help people like I’m still in the process, but I’m starting my own fund of where I can help women who are having fertility issues…..a lot of women just don’t have the money it costs to make it possible. It’s crazy to me because if you don’t want to have a child and you do its a couple of hundreds of dollars and its not a problem anymore, but for people who desperately want to have children, you know it’s thousands and thousands of dollars, like 30,000.”

In this patriarchal society where our current president is trying to ban women from the power of choice, we forget that there are women who want to have children, who have little to no assistance. In 2013 reports show that nearly 20 percent of all women who become pregnant experience miscarriages, and a lot of those women seldom have children, or have fertility issues. There’s simply no assistance for wanting to have a child, and with Remy on a mission, there could be a fund on the way.

Remy Ma’s Miscarriage Leads To Fertility Fund: 4:00

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