Amor Amor Amor By Jennifer Lopez Issa Latin Bop Even English Speakers Will Enjoy

amor amor amor jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez released her new single Amor Amor Amor the second single off her upcoming fully Spanish speaking album. After the successful roll out of Ni Tu Ni Yo, Amor Amor Amor is a salsa inspired hip hop infused latin bop! The best part about the record is, even Americans (English speaking of course), would enjoy it! If this song came on in a non-Latin club, no one would skip a drop, shake, or twerk, its that good!

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Jennifer Lopez’s music makes you want to dance, but with the added flare of Spanish elements and language, the evolution of groove starts at your feet and ends through your raised finger tips. There’s something magical about Latin music, and Amor issa bop you must add to your playlist. Even though the music video has yet to be released, clips from the music video present a dancing Jlo that we’ve come to love, with that epic JLo slow mo realness! Check out the photos below, but not before you jam to Amor!

Amor Amor Amor:

Winsin who’s featured on the record released Amor Amor three years ago. Of course Jlo added another Amor and made the record a new spicy moment that we can’t get enough of! Purchase Amor on iTunes today!

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