Black Lives Matter By Chrisette Michele Is The Perfect Woke Bop R&B Fusion

Grammy award winning Chrisette Michele release’s Black Lives Matter, a new song with a bop and a powerful message. While many lackluster websites and writers may headline this as pandering, disingenuous or only for the purpose of selling music, Chrisette Michele’s years in the industry has proven to be above that, and one regret doesn’t change that fact. After over 10 years of helping to revitalize R&B, Neo-Soul music Chrisette’s trump performance will never over shadow her years of dedication to Black Lives Mattering, and this song is in line with what we’ve always known of Chrisette.

“What’s supposed to be understood/will always begin misunderstood/until it’s time to be understood/enlightened where the ego’s removed” 

After Black-lash Chrisette suffered in silence for months. Now resurfacing many feel like Chrisette is not deserving of forgiveness, but we know differently. Considering Chrisette’s only indiscretion “against” the Afrikan American community was singing a song, the reaction to that one choice is not deserved. It’s okay to hold people accountable, but it’s never okay to drag, and to continue to drag on what’s already been reprimanded. Black Lives Matter by Chrisette Michele is a beautifully written record, with a bop so skillful that you don’t even realize youre singing words of true strength and healing. It’s the Chrisette we’ve always known, always loved, and want more of.

Black Lives Matter By Chrisette Michele

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