Will Smith’s BRIGHT Promo Tour An Epic Behind The Scenes Look

Will Smith is loving social media lately and is now on Youtube with an epic debut upload. Will Smith’s BRIGHT promo tour for Netflix is his first Youtube upload and fans are loving the behind the scenes look at what it takes to promote a major film. We’ve never seen Will in this way. A few weeks ago Will Smith officially joined Instagram and broke the internet with a funny video to Justin Timberlake who’d sarcastically welcomed Will, and now we have more from the Hollywood legend.

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Will Smith’s BRIGHT promo tour video shows Will Smith, and his older son who we never see, internationally promoting his new Sci-fi film which hits NETFLIX December 22nd. We see Will from Hotel to Comic-Con and everything in between. We even see Will surprise fans and hide in disguise to do so, it’s freaking epic! The humility of this man is tremendous that even after all he’s accomplished, the joy of seeing people excited to see him is still a humbling factor in his career.

Will Smith’s BRIGHT Promo Tour BTS:

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