ISSA SCAM: Oprah Winfrey Addresses The Oprah Christmas Payout Scam “Issa Fraud!”

Oprah Wifnrey took to social media to warn those tricked by the Oprah Own Christmas Payout. Oprah warned; It’s a scam, a fraud, and to not send any information to them. Mid December a meme surfaced that was photoshopped as if it came from Oprah’s official Twitter account (see image above). That image traveled through social media, and if youre not like many, you did not double check to make sure. Even though the photo appers real, that actual tweet was never sent on Oprah’s official twitter account, thus making this a scam.

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Unfortunately many have not double checked and are still thinking this meme is in fact, real, when it’s not! Even though Oprah, TheBLACKMedia, and many more who’ve retweeted, shared, and informed others of this scam, there will still be thousands who are unaware making these scamemes dangerous. Do your best to inform everyone not to follow, give bank account information, or reshare this meme.

Oprah’s SCAM Announcement:

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