Bruno Mars – Finesse Remix Feat. Cardi B Is Already 2018’s Dopest Collab

Bruno Mars releases his latest single, the remix to his record Finesse featuring Cardi B. The 90s inspired In Living Colour motivated homage features slick talk rapping, smooth vocals, and a now vintage sound perfectly mixed with todays music. Even though the record was just released Jan 4th early that midnight, it’s already trending number one everywhere, and after you hear it, and see it, you’ll know why.

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Finesse features Cardi B rapping a different cadence that we are used to hearing from her, one that fits the song well, and Bruno giving us what we love from him. It’s a perfect duo and the song is already a hit, many are even saying it’s already the song of the year, strong enough to carry over into summer and become the song of the summer. I mean, who doesn’t want to be dripping in Finesse? I do!

Finesse Remix – Bruno Mars Feat. Cardi B

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