Brandy Covers BRAVE By Sara Bareilles The Vocal Bible Is Back On A Mission

Brandy recently released BRAVE a cover of Sara Bareilles hit song. We don’t often hear records, covers, or original, from Brandy. The last record released was apart of her Schön! Magazine shoot and prior to that was the ground breaking vocal beast of a record; “Begging And Pleading”. Hopefully her new mission of bravery sparks the release of new music.

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Battling with the public about her weight gain, often being called a liar for being pregnant, Brandy assured us, and her daughter did as well, that she was not pregnant just thicker. Even though the latter is true, many still taunted her. Brandy has been very open about needing to be brave, and fearless, and how she struggled with this. Now she’s asking her fans to follow the words of this song and be Brave, a self affirmation.

Brandy Singing BRAVE By Sara Bareilles:

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