Watch Don Lemon Rightfully Call Donald Trump A Racist In A Fed Up Rant

January 11th 2018 Don Lemon, during CNN Tonight, rightfully called “president” donald trump a racist. The warranted outing by Don comes after trump was heard calling several Countries including parts of Afrika, El Salvador, and Haiti “shithole Countries” complaining as to why the US has to protect immigrants from said places. Because of his honesty Don trended on Twitter all night, through the midnight inspiring thousands to retweet and express their disdain.

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Don Lemon is an outspoken reporter, and correspondent so it comes to no surprise, however, to call trump racist so blatantly on CNN is a bold move. Don detailed his frustrations and asked how many more excuses can we take; “how many examples do you need of this, but he is a racist”. Black people have had enough, the Country has had enough, trump must go.

Don Lemon On trump:

“You Know What You Can Go Do? …. I can’t say that, but you can go read a book…”

Don Lemon Handles A Disrespect:

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