Angela Rye State Of The Union On BET Full Review: A-

BET aired Angela Rye’s State of The Union A BET News Special January 31st 2018 a day after trumps State of the Union address, and it was much needed.

“There’s an economic value to demonizing immigrants”

Angela Rye is not only an attorney, political pundit/commentator, and activist, she’s now the host of what appears to be an on going state of the union for us, by us. The episode was filled with great information, witty banter, inspiration, actual facts, and helpful tools to get involved with legislature, but it lacked a sense of home comfort, much like her after show gave on BET’s Facebook live.

Angela Rye’s State Of The Union Review: A-

With a strong A-, Angela Rye’s State of The Union is very well shot, with great audio, contrast in colour and depth, positioning, and knowledge of topic. What it lacks is a feeling of comfort, which can be a complicated fix, but a worthy one that would make the special something you have to watch again.


Delivery: Angela Rye has a fairly monotone speaking voice, which makes her comfortable to listen to, however, she could benefit from a slightly colorful form of speaking, which can be learned through practice.

Comedy: While not every show has to be funny, the issues discussed were very serious but if the guest appeared to be "at a table with friends speaking" vs "on CNN discussing issues" it would be better received and memorable. While there were moments of this, knowing Angela from her many Breakfast Club interviews, if they'd inject more of that during the show, it would help.

Teleprompter: Most hosts need a teleprompter, however, Angela Rye may be special enough not to have one. She didn't have a teleprompter in the opening of Facebook Live, the show instantly became loose, more interesting, and exciting, it felt more like the Angela Rye we knew from radio, and her podcast, more inviting.

After Show: Much like Bill Maher's HBO show, Angela's SOTU offers comedic bits, factual news, and a closing monologue, which Angela perfectly delivered, if the feel of the show was exactly what we felt during the After Show, this show would be something worthy of returning to, it makes it easier to comprehend when you see people like us, speaking like us, but informing us, and instead of returning just to stay informed, you'll return because it's like family you enjoy watching and learning from.

All in All, I think this show has legs! Hopefully we get a lot more from Angela, she deserves to be on TV, and this show is needed on a larger scale of things. While her snap and wit can sometimes rub you the wrong way, the facts are the facts, and you don’t have to like how she says it, but she says what she says, and it’s often the truth! I’ll take the truth over anything else.

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