Ne-Yo New Single — “Good Man” Is Exactly What R&B Needs Right Now

Almost six months ago Ne-Yo released “Another Love Song” a dope R&B bop bringing love back to Male R&B music, and now his new single “Good Man” is continuing this reboot, but with a classic Ne-Yo bass to it.

“Good Man” has an old school Dangelo feel to it before the heavy bass pierces through making it a modern soul record with a fast cymbal moving the song along before some classic finger snaps. The lyrics are simply unheard of in 2018; “let the world wait, wanna wear you like a medal, tell em that I’m a spoken for fellow”, is rare to hear in music these days.

Ne-Yo recently went vegan and posted a photo via IG, showing growth in music, and in his personal life.

“Good Man” could be a hit! Ne-Yo consistently releases quality music you can dance to, groove to, bust out a quick 8 count to, song with your boo to, and want to play it over and over again, but in a hiphop, “these hoes aint loyal”, “i tell all my hoes rack it up” kinda world, can this music survive?

Good Man by Ne-Yo:

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