Amanda Seales #BlackGirlMagic Poem Full Video And Transcript #BETSocialAwards

Amanda Seales attended the first ever BET Social Awards show and performed a newly written poem titled “Black Girl Magic” that spoke towards the power of Women of Colour, and saved the show.

Amanda didn’t take home any awards that night, but she took home a standing ovation, trending tweets, and a few thousand fans who loved every word she uttered on that stage. Prior to Amanda Seales performing, the BET Social Awards lacked continuity, humor, class, and social acceptance as many tweeted; “this is the worst BET awards show ever”.

BET is known for having the greatest awards shows in entertainment, but may have dropped the ball with this one.

Expectations were high with the BET social awards awarding some of our favorite, and most valued social influencers, but it lacked what many believe should have been more of what Amanda Seales gave: power, structure, believability, and reverence. In case you missed Amanda’s performance of “Black Girl Magic” check it out below.

Amanda Seales — Black Girl Magic:


First of all
We make this look easy
Us black girls with all kinda curls
Smellin of cocoa butter
Out here every damn day savin the world.

Time and time again
We find the ways and means
Between packing lunches, planning launches, and *act out* patting weaves
To get information
And stay in FORMATION,
“Girl you heard what they’re sayin?”
“Ain’t no games to be playin”. So we show up
And show out
And Turn up
And, “turn this motha out”
And flip it
And Yasssss biiihhhh
Throw sideyes
Get folks all the way together
With edges still in place
Skin defying time and space
They call it magic cuz ain’t no way to explain our *sing* “amazing grace”

How sweet the sound
Of a black girl’s point of a view
Knowing that nobody does it like we do, boo
Pride in our power
Strength in our strides
You can attempt to imitate
But soul you cannot buy.

We work twice as hard
And must be twice as perfect,
Purveyors of potent truths
We deliver in small doses
Cuz folks is, shook when she’s movin
Bump that
We’re not hostile,
We’re passionate;
Clappin back is our way of declaring (claps) we aint havin it
They go low, we go high
They say no, we defy
They didn’t want us to read
Kept us out of libraries they built
Now we are the biggest buyers of books
So, we can read you for filth!!! Our magic is in our love and tears
Our fears and our flyness
Our sistahoods and insecurities
Our ride or, don’t even try it.
We are not the one,
And still we rise,
This is for colored girls who’ve considered gettin your life and are

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