Janelle Monáe Drops Make Me Feel & Django Jane Epic Forces Of Blackness

Janelle Monae released two new epic, contrasting, but dope singles and music videos “Make Me Feel” and “Django Jane”.

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“Make Me Feel” is a rock and roll pop feast of dopeness, an electric 80s reference to Prince, Michael, and Madonna, but still so Janelle Monae! Django Jane, named after the hit film Django Unchained, is an ill-hiphop, bossed up southern bass record that speaks to society about the truth of the world, it’s true hiphop.

“Box office numbers and they doing outstanding!” – Janelle Monae is using her music to make her point, but it’s still something you can bop to.

Janelle’s album Dirty Computer (see photo below) comes out April 27th and these lead singles has Janelle trending on Twitter. Fans are fueled by the undefined, uncontrolled artistry of Janelle showing her love for people by not speaking on sexuality, but showing how free she is. Only a Queen could do it so effortlessly.

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Janelle Monae Make Me Feel:

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Dirty Computer Janelle Monae

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