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TheBLACKMedia’s solutions page will feature links, videos, examples, how-to’s, to-do’s, and discoveries that offer solutions to issues faced by the B.L.A.C.K community. A page you can frequently visit for updates on how to actually fix, start, continue, or develop ways to better yourself, and the Afrika Diaspora Community.

To make it more fun, collect your activism points. Each solution you fulfill, add the written points to your tally, and at the end of the year, tally them up and see just how you’ve activated your activism!

Activism Made Easy, Just A Click Away:

Activism: The Action Of Using Various Efficient Operations To Bring Political And Social Change.

Fact: The US; only 5% of the worlds 7+ billion population holds 25% of the worlds incarcerated individuals, more than every other country on Planet Earth. Black Americans make up about 17% of the US population, but nearly 40% of the incarcerated population.

Grammy winner John Legend’s multi-year campaign, started in 2015, offers an easy way for you to get involved to help #FreeAmerica with true Justice Reform. $1, $2, $25 any donation counts. Now you hear this often, and often feel skeptical, but money helps move change, so does hash tagging, however, donating is a huge part of Activism, and it can change lives. Donate today, and hashtag Free America, tag John Legend, and let your voice be heard. This is a tangible solution that directly helps John and Free America to end Mass Incarceration. Visit: Let’s Free America to activate your activism.

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