[VIDEO] Erykah Badu & Robert Glasper Beautifully Perform Live On Buzz Feed “..So Long…That’s What She Said” WATCH:


Erykah Badu and Robert Glasper match made…


Erykah and Glasper perform live during a sit down with BuzzFeed during a #BuzzFeedMusicBreak. Fans laughed, swayed, and enjoyed the live, effortless pipes of Queen Badu and the ever-so-smooth keyboard playing and percussion of the King Robert Glasper. The two worked together in the past on Robert’s album, and now they are together again with what fans are calling “So Long, That’s What She Said…”. Is this a new song on the mixtape “But You Caint Use My Phone” Erykah is releasing soon? Is it a cover song? Fans don’t know, but they can’t stop watching it either…it’s PERFECTION:

“Too hard to be with you…to hard…that’s what she said…So Long…That’s What She Said…”

ill….They are finally releasing the video and full song! 


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