[POEM] Jasmine Mans “FootNotes For Kanye” Is Poetic Justice An ill Flow That’ll Cure You LISTEN:


“Do you know how many kids at the protest had your sneakers on…none of them”

Jasmine Mans strikes again. Redefining what it means to be a poet, Jasmine Mans has remained one of the foremost sought after poets on the globe. Internationally known, she is the definition of inspiration. After making head lines for the Nicki Minaj poem back in 2010, Jasmine mans has been a voice, the voice that says whatever comes to mind. The voice that speaks the truth, the obvious, and what many won’t say.

In her latest poem “Footnotes For Kanye” she takes a look at the confusion and seemingly contradictory “evolution” of Kanye West, in what I believe is her most bold poem yet. She took to her Instagram to show photos of the upcoming video, but this audio track is powerful LISTEN:

“…Can you hear all the Black kids calling your name? Wondering why the boy who rapped about his Momma getting arrested for the sit ins didn’t SIT in, why he traded his Nat Turner for Ralph Lauren. Do you know how many protesters had your sneakers on? None of Them…”

The Official Video More Here

This is a message that must be heard, share it…Did you enjoy?


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